Medical Tourism In Athens, Greece

The term MEDICAL TOURISM IN GREECE "Aesthetic Medical Tourism in Greece", ie tourism of aesthetic medicine and surgery in Greece, is mainly addressed to people who want to enjoy their vacation in combination with surgery or specialized medical aesthetic practice.

We will make it unforgettable!

• Aesthetic Medicine • Plastic surgery • General - Family Medicine •
Ophthalmology • Gynecology • Complementary Medicine

Venus Medicine Clinic

Anti-aging, regeneration & non-invasive medical aesthetics, is the philosophy of Venus Medicine Clinic
(VMC) which is located in a state-of-the-art and hospitable space at the foot of Mount Hymettus, in
Kareas. The ultimate place for beauty and relaxation with innovative treatments for the face, hair, and
the body is often a medical tourism destination for citizens from all over Europe.

Non-invasive and painless treatments are available with the worldwide known Plexr Plasma
technology performed by Prof. Dr. Sotiris Tsioumas (specialist in Plexr applications).

The highly trained staff of the clinic is composed of doctors in Aesthetic Medicine, Plastic Surgery,
Aesthetic Gynecology, Ophthalmology, General Medicine, and Complementary Medicine, thus
combining classical with holistic medicine.

Contact us and plan your visit!

Together with our excellent medical experts and trusted travel partners
in Greece, we will help you make the right healthcare choice and enjoy a wonderful travel experience.

Anti-aging, regeneration & non-invasive medical aesthetics. Venus Medicine Clinic (VMC) is the ultimate place for beauty and relaxation with innovative treatments for the face, hair, and body is often a medical tourism destination for citizens from all over Europe.

Medical tourism includes:

Medical Examination (done at the doctor's office).
Specialized forms of medical treatment and aesthetic medicine (done in the doctor's office).
Surgery (performed in the best hospitals, such as: ATHENS EYE HOSPITAL, etc.
Transportation services.
Update on medical and surgical treatments.
Attractions, museums, restaurants, entertainment, Spa, shopping and Golf (optional) - Accommodation in selected hotels.

Our treatments

Aesthetic Medicine - Plastic Surgery

• Blepharoplasty is non-invasive without
incisions and sutures
• Xanthelasmas
• Tattoo removal
• Treatment of active acne or acne scars
• Reshaping of the lips, chin,
cheekbones, and wrinkles, without
fi llings and medicines

• Treatment of hyperkeratosis
• Elimination of warts
• Scar removal
• Face Lifting
• Wrinkle removal
• Facial tumors from difficult areas
(such as eyelids, eyes, and gray Line)
• Face contouring
• Creation of autologous threads

• Smoothing skin on the face and body
• Lipolysis
• Broad vessels
• Arachnoid hemangioma
• Discoloration
• Hair loss
• Hemangiomas
• Syringes
• Hyperpigmentation
• Thylomas
• Stains

• Treatment of expression wrinkles of
the forehead and the periocular area
• Eyelid spasm
• Brow Lift - eyebrow lift
• PLEXR - Plasma Exeresis
• Needle Shaping - Vibrance
• Botox
• Hyaluronic - Fillers

• Improving facial tone
• Reconstruction of face-neck
• PRP - Autologous Mesotherapy -
Vampire Therapy
• Threads
• Mini Bloodless Lifting
• Lipolysis of jawlines
• Peelings - White Peel
• Heterologous Collagen - Linerase

• Periocular
• Ectropion
• THUZZLE – Multi-wave technology for
face, body, and gynecological rejuvenation
• Mesotherapy
• Diode Laser Hair removal

General - Family Medicine

• Clinical examination
• Prescriptions
• Hypertension
• Diabetes
• Lung diseases
• Asthma

• Depression
• Anxiety Disorder• Rheumatism
• Chronic pain
• Osteoporosis
• Infections

• Allergies
• Gastrointestinal disorders
• Geriatric Care
• Dermatological Diseases


• Glaucoma
• Cataract
• Macula
• Laser Myopia
• Hyperopia
• Presbyopia
• Astigmatism


• Aesthetic gynecology
• Vaginal Dryness
• Incontinence
• Vaginal Rejuvenation
• Pap test

Complementary Medicine

• Acupuncture
• Iridoanalysis
• Bio-resonance
• Homeopathy
• Quit Smoking 


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Cosmetic surgery includes:

Laser myopia , astigmatism , hyperopia.
Cataract surgery in both eyes in case of high myopia.
Strabismus for aesthetic reasons.
Upper eyelid and / or lower eyelid eyelid surgery.
Eyelid surgery on the conjunctiva without sutures for the lower eyelids, eyelid sacs - Removal of eyelid or facial tumors and their restoration.
Lipofiling (ie transfer of autologous fat to the facial area to fill in wrinkles, or increase cheekbones) - eyebrow correction the so-called brow-lift is done with threads and / or surgical incision - mini lifting is done with threads and / or surgical incisions - eyelid surgery in Asians - drooping eyelids, entropy, ectropion.

Aesthetic medicine treatments include:

Plexr - plasma exeresis: Sublimation of Excess skin, a method belonging to the bloodless innovative technique.
Needle shaping-Vibrance: Autologous technique applied with Acupuncture Needles.
Wrinkle Lifting (removal of expression wrinkles).
Skin implants with hyaluronic acid (elimination of static wrinkles and expression wrinkles, profiloplasty).
Regeneration of the face, neck with radio frequency (R / F) , threads, autologous mesotherapy, fraxpeel ).
Lifting without a scalpel or otherwise non-surgical lifting.
Removal of benign tumors on the face or eyelids e.g. xanthelasmas, hyperkeratosis, nevi, warts, etc.
Radiofrequency ablation, R / F, Sclerosing Injections.
Heterologous Mesotherapy.
Autologous Mesotherapy, PRGF.
Brow lift - eye lift, with hyaluronic acid or botox - rejuvenation of eyelids in the tear groove or otherwise tear trough.

The treatments last from 5 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes, whether it is surgery or cosmetic. After the treatments, they can enjoy the beauty of Athens, such as the Acropolis, Lycabettus, Plaka, Monastiraki, Pasalimani of Piraeus and the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio. Also visit museums, golf, spa and try Greek cuisine.

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Monday to Friday 09:00-21:00


Η Venus Medicine Clinic φέρνει στην Ελλάδα βαθιά τεχνογνωσία και υψηλή τεχνολογία στην Αισθητική Ιατρική από Πανεπιστήμια της Ιταλίας & είναι στελεχωμένο με κορυφαίους γιατρούς.

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